Mastodon is 3 for 3 at not imploding into a bloody mess when I try to upgrade it. That isn't to say all of them have gone exactly as documented... e.g. this time I had to re-up repo GPG keys, convince rails not to use ruby1.9.1 (??), and rake db:migrate - in additional to the normal stuff.

unrelated: did I really think I could get away with leaving public registration enabled without attracting spambots? Well, yes. Was I wrong? Also yes.

Here's a (macOS) networking puzzle for you:

I can't tell if this is a bug...

It used to be an error to specify a router address that's not on the same subnet as the specified interface address (based on the specified subnet mask size).

Sweet jesus.

From the MSYS2 PSA about path translation mishaps: :

./configure --root=/

the mishap is: The value of root (/) is emitted to a text file via echo (which is an msys2 program and hence not mangled) and also to a Makefile (through autotools) which passes it to a native program, which reads the text file replacing each instance of / with "some-other-path"

afk, eyes bleeding.

@fribbledom Perhaps your question is rhetorical, but I take a purposeful stance on this: I don't use ad blockers at all, though I hate ads. My strategy for dealing with ads includes paying actual money to not see them (e.g. youtube red, netflix), and when ads are too garish, I immediately leave the site.

It's also frustrating that many *users* think they're getting stuff for free. Stuff costs money, but money isn't as easy to re-sell as 'data', so the incentives heavily favor advertising :/

I made the 120 fps reference file with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -t 10 -f lavfi -r 120 -i "anoisesrc=d=60:c=violet:r=44100:a=0.5,asplit[a][out0],[a]showwaves=r=120:mode=line:split_channels=1:s=1920x1080[out1]" -vf "[out1]drawtext=font='Arial': fontfile=Arial.ttf: fontsize=80: fontcolor=white: box=1: boxcolor=0x00000000@1: text='Time\: %{pts} Frame\: %{n}':x=30:y=30" -y 120fps.mp4

Move to the directory containing Arial.ttf first. Despite my great powers, I am routinely defeated by Windows fs paths.

I used science to verify that indeed my new ipad pro's display can jam at 120 hz.

Exhibit A:

Load that up in VLC for iOS, playing back at normal speed. Then get a camera that can shoot at least 120 fps - an iphone will do. Record some video of the ipad playing the above file.

Explore the camera recording using a big computer. If you can see every frame number, you did it.

Exhibit B:

(sure, cam shutter and display aren't synced)

... also, a respectful hat-tip to @Mastodon for its quality documentation, and a quick + easy upgrade procedure.

Here's to hoping that PrimoCache can overcome Windows Explorer's persistent inability to load a detailed list view of a few hundred files from a HDD in a reasonable amount of time - yes, with cold (system-level) file cache. Warm loads are fine. The simple idea behind PrimoCache is: implement a cache that is persisted to non-volatile storage at shutdown, and loaded after boot.

I don't typically post links to other people's videos, but I laughed pretty hard at this one:

"... but how did you know ffmpeg was broken if you weren't even trying to run it?!" Simple, I watched my dang mastodon logs to learn that I'm OUT OF COCAINE. Then I went out and got some.

Lots of Internet says to "add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/ffmpeg-3" for good ffmpeg, but don't if you're bionic (ubuntu 18). Instead, press "add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/ffmpeg-4". Also probably remove the old one with "add-apt-repository -r ppa:jonathonf/ffmpeg-3"

... and if, in a moment of weakness, you installed ffmpeg to /usr/local, nuke that, and don't forget the libs! If /usr/bin/ffmpeg keeps barfing, search and destroy the results of "ldd /usr/bin/ffmpeg | grep "/usr/local/lib" is a small but ambitious Mastodon instance with visions of grandeur.